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One Step Mission Prep
Trained by us before? New to the whole mission preparation?

Now we've added this "One step mission prep".
Navigate your training, learning and buying from this page.
Please allow us to further help you by sharing any comments, questions, likes or dislikes.
Thank you for allowing us to Serve you!


  Budget & packing list explained
• Click here to download the Missionary Handout front page 
• Click her to download Missionary Handout back page 
  This 1 hour and 26 minutes is the LIVE version of training you get in
our store for ANYWHERE in the world... Sit back and enjoy!!!
Click on my picture below to text me with any questions you might have...
  • Packing steps for your Mission (click for videos)  
  • Feet preparation for your Mission  
  • Mission prep for Bugs, Water & Bedding protection worldwide  
  • Safety & Security For ANY Mission in the world  
  • Toiletries for your Mission   
  • Understanding what clothes you need to take on your Mission  
  • FREE Preach my Gospel Class 3rd Saturday each month (click here to sign up)  
  As you scroll through areas of products,
click on the product,
then watch knowledge & "How to" videos to help you.

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