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           ORDERS over $35 West Coast
              ORDERS over $100 East Coast

Travelers and Missionarionaries this is a MUST!
The technology was designed to let us bypass the standard requirements of scanning or checking in. However, electronic identity thieves have undermined the security of RFID products by devising scanners that read your personal information without you even realizing it. 

Blocking 13.56MHz frequencies, the standard for most credit cards and passports, items such as this one have allowed individuals to protect themselves from this kind of pickpocketing.

• 3 compartments secure passport, ID, cards and currency
• Adjustable strap provides a comfortable fit
• Soft touch, lightweight, hand washable fabric feels soft against skin
• 6.5in x 5.5in
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are used in all US passports created after 2006 and in over 35 million credit cards.

Underclothing RFID protected money pouch/belt “Go Bag”
Items in Underclothing RFID protected money pouch / belt or Go Bag!

  • Passport

  • Vaccination cards or info

  • Extra Cash (enough for 1 week)

  • Major Credit Card separate from daily one

  • Cruise Documents

  • Visa Documents

  • * Missionaries (minister card “if needed”)

  • * Missionaries prepaid Visa