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Our "one step Mission Prep" for Water protection in areas of the world that may have questionable or dangerous water. Technology from NASA.

2- Oko "level 2" water bottles (same technology found in the International Space Station). We send missionaries with "2" bottles just in case one gets damaged, lost or stolen. (Bottle color is subjected to change)
Custom designed flip lids unique to ILC TravelOutfitters included on EVERY bottle ($20.00 value)

2- Additional Oko "level 2" Replacement Filters: (Filter color is subjected to change)

ÖKO Level-2 filtration, was originally developed for NASA and used in the ISS (International Space Station). We convert the material for consumer use in our bottles. Simply put, it is the state-of-the-art in water filtration technology.

In addition to a 2 micron pore size, the material utilizes a positively charged electro-adsorption (attraction and retention) process to draw and trap harmful agents much smaller than its pore size. Charge fields, activated upon water contact extend 1 micron each to virtually close the pore to any intruding agents. ÖKO level-2 filter lab tests using NSF/ANSI Standard 53 reflect removal of 99.994% of e-coli, 99.9999% of cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia, the most commonly found bacteria and microorganisms in lakes, streams and international water sources. A stack of over 400 such pores in the 0.8mm thickness of the filter create a “tortuous path” which a harmful agent would have to travel through in order to make it across the filter membrane.
Watch our "1 step Mission Prep" for Missionary details how to wash your filters to get the most success from your filter system.

Enjoy ILC TravelOutfitters staff trying the Oko bottle in Moab

Water quality chart world wide (click here)