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Mission Water, Bugs, Bedding, Medical and Safety

With 4 decades of training Missionaries & Travelers we look for what REALLY works!   


 Water technology from NASA that's used in the International Space Station has proven
safe for ALL travelers for well over a dozen years.
Protecting clothing the CORRECT way before a mission  Medical & 1st aid preparation for missions

A note from Africa on Malaria: Great question about Malaria meds in Africa.  As you know, Malaria kills more people than Ebola or Covid, but it never makes the news.  Here is the sad truth about malaria meds.  The missions have stewardship to source the meds for their missions.  In an effort to save money, some buy generic meds that are purchased locally.  We have seen cases where meds have been bought for missions that are just plain garbage.  The native African mission presidents simply don't give meds the priority they should.  

Here is another issue.  The native African missionaries really don't like taking the meds.  There is a tradition (false tradition) that malaria meds make men sterile.  The native's share this baseless info with their North American companions and talk them into not taking the meds.  Long story short, malaria rates come and go like the common cold.  It's just not the priority is should be.  

A few months ago, I raised the question about why Church Headquarters isn't sourcing meds for ALL high-risk malaria countries and missions.  Basically, (since the Church isn't in the pharmacy distribution business) they want the meds controlled in the countries where they can be purchased locally.  Probably not the best idea, but that is how it currently works.  

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Custom OKO Water bottle Flip Lid

$4.99 $9.99

International Travel Water system package- 1 step mission prep

$94.99 $114.99

International Travel Bug Protection Package- 1 step mission prep

$159.99 $199.00

Water Filtration Bottle .02 microns by Oko with custom thumb flip lid cover

$35.99 $44.99

Level 2 replacement Filter .02 microns ( for Oko Water bottles)


Coghlan's Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets (50)


Duration Clothing Insect Repellent with Permethrin 10% concentrate

$39.99 $49.99

Duration Clothing Insect Repellent with Permethrin .5%

$6.99 $19.99

Cocoon Travel Sheet (96" x45") cotton PreTreated with Permethrin

$64.99 $79.99

Zippered Pillowcase Standard size 20" x 26" 100% cotton Repellent Treated


Ultralight Air-core Travel Pillow full size 19" x 25" by Cocoon


Cocoon Travel Blanket/wrap Permitherin treated (71"x55") polyester


Cocoon Travel Sheet 100% Microfiber Moss Green PreTreated with Permethrin

$44.99 $49.99

Black Small Zippered Mesh Laundry Bag, great for face masks/socks, 16 X 12

$5.99 $7.99

Comfort Neck Pillow (Polyester fill) by Lewis N. Clark

$10.00 $19.99

Lewis and Clark Compact Automatic Umbrella


Lilac Dream face mask with lanyard

$5.99 $7.99

Lilac Dream face mask, plaid print mask MK1007

$5.99 $7.99

Lilac Dream face mask, polka dot print

$5.99 $7.99

Lilac Dream face mask, Solid MK1038

$5.99 $7.99

Lilac Dream face mask, Stripe Print

$5.99 $7.99

Microbead Travel Pillow by Lewis N. Clark

$10.00 $19.99

Packing Cube Double Sided Deluxe w/Mesh, PC10

$19.99 $29.99

Small White Zippered Mesh Laundry Bag, great for face masks/socks

$5.99 $7.99

Sports Face Mask with 2 valves

$5.99 $12.50

All Good Natural Products Deodorant

$8.99 $9.99

Coghlan's First Aid Kit Trek II 9802


Coghlans 8205 Sewing Kit


Dynamo Portable Flashlight


Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo/Soap 3.5 oz J.R. Liggett's


Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo/Soap J.R. Liggett's .65oz

$1.25 $1.49

Sink Suds


Hanging Soap Caddy (Soap on a Rope) 8402 by International Luggage Collections

$5.99 $6.99

Tissue on the Go single


Sawyer Picaridin 20% Insect Repellent Lotion 4 oz


Sawyer Picaridin 20% liquid Insect Repellent Spray


Travelers Formula Picaridin Insect Repellent Lotion 2oz

$6.49 $8.99

Insect Repellent / Sanitizer/ Disinfectant All Natural Travelers Formula

$3.49 - $19.99

Leather Gloves 1209


Cocoon Mosquito Net- White- Single size- Pretreated with permethrin by Insect shield


Body Glide Anti Chafing / Anti Blister Balm


Lip Balm Travelers Formula spf15

$1.00 $2.49

After Sun Aloe Gel Travelers Formula 2 oz.

$1.99 $2.99

30% Deet Insect Repellent Lotion 3 oz


98% Maxi-Deet liquid spray Insect Repellent

$9.99 - $10.99