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Three simple steps to prepare a Missionary for a Mission:

1- Understand the BIG Picture
Be trained for the mission specific for the items you REALLY need! Before you buy ANYTHING, Understand what you REALLY need!
(The catagories below, when clicked have video training to guide you)

2- Search your home 1st and use what you have, then begin the purchasing of needed items.

(Elders, If you own a suit... USE IT! Sisters, Use skirts and tops you own, 1st... Don't get in the trap for example of getting a "Dry Clean Only" piece of clothing.)

We have searched the world and taught for nearly 4 decades to help guide you!

3- Specific knowledge has unlimited value!
Understanding HOW to teach others before you go, Foods & cooking, Bugs and how to keep from being bait for them, Water safety... How to brush my teeth on the go? washing my hands with clean water? We have the answers!!!
Preach My Gospel FREE Class, Water knowledge, Bugs and more...
Watch and study our site, buy online OR Come in, sign up for our FREE classes.

Select the items needed and place them in your cart, Prepare with the things you need from the comfort of your home.
Questions? Email us at OR
Call our staff Monday thru Friday, 10am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 to 2 (Mountain standard time) at (801) 294-9303 or 1(888)452-2247

Don't forget parents the "Power of Attorney"
(Here is a donated sample you can use)

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12 - Final Packing before you leave on your Mission videos
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