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LUGGAGE Tips & Packing for a Mission!

We're being asked daily for HELP in organizing Missionaries to leave. Here our steps to help...

FINAL 4 weeks prior to MTC:

      Week 4- ALL clothing must be purchased. Proselyting Clothes, "P" day and Service clothing (2 sets), Athletic clothes & PJ's.
                    Note: Clothing to be bug protected washed in scent free soap, labeled & then treated. (Duration permethrin treating of Clothing)

     Week 3- Gather ALL non-clothing items. Place in organizing bags.

     Week 2- Time to pack!
                                          Large case: Pack EVERYTHING  that is to be used once you're in the Mission Field

                                          Medium size case: This is packed with items that "Might" be needed at the MTC
                                          Carry on case: Pack for MTC- Watch our packing Demo to understand the step
                                          Shoulder Bag- MTC study books and supplies

     Week leaving to the MTC-
                                          Shoulder bag final preparation
                                          Final packing of your carry-on before you're set apart. Have a GREAT Mission!

3 pieces of Luggage - "BUY ONLY" 2 wheel Luggage that can piggyback (Trust us)
Large Case & Medium case are checked.
Carry on Case is what you live out of at the MTC and on splits in the Mission field.

Packing your Checked bags for your mission

Packing your carry-on for the MTC

Unpacking your Luggage... It's like Magic!

 Sister's some additional Help packing your Bags...
Packing your checked bags...

Organizing for Travel

Sisters... Packing your carry on for the Mission Field
MAGIC!!! Sisters, unpacking your Carry-on.