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Luggage Repair Services:

Our North Salt Lake, Utah based luggage repair facility stocks over 50,000 parts!  With over 30 years in business, we can repair most luggage problems. 

FREE Pre-Travel Inspection Service

Travel without luggage hassles with our FREE pre-travel luggage inspection service! We also offer FREE repair quotes!

Duct Taped, Weary and Tired Luggage? Our highly trained ILC Experts can give your luggage new life!

Q:  How long does a typical repair take? We try and accommodate all types of traveler's needs and demands.  A minor repair may be done on the spot or within the week if you are leaving town quickly.  

Q:  What kind of repair work can we do? We pride ourselves in repairing all sorts of soft-sided items.  Don't hesitate to call or bring in that heirloom you thought could never be repaired.

Q:  How much does a repair cost? We'll review the repair while you wait and determine the price. Our rate is $50/hour plus parts, unless it's covered by a Briggs and Riley or International Luggage warranty.

Luggage Repair Prices are approximate: 
Carry Handle Starting at $38.00
Luggage Cleaning Starting at $49.99 for carry-ons
Pull Handle Starting at $95.00
Wheel, 2 wheel Starts at $45.00/per wheel
Wheel, Spinner (4 Wheel bag) Starts at $45.00/per spinner wheel
Zipper Slider installed with zipper stops Starts at $38.00
Zipper Tab Starts at $6.00
Zipper Restitch $95.00/hour
 Hourly Rate  $95.00

Q: Do you build custom cases?  
Absolutely! Whether we build one from scratch or retrofit an existing case to fit your lifestyle, we love to make your dreams a reality.
(Fees are paid before manufacturing takes place)

Luggage Repair and Contact Information:


328 North Hwy 89

North Salt Lake, UT  84054

888-452-2247 or (801)294-9303