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About Us /FAQ's

What is ILC TravelOutfitters?

  1. Originally "International Luggage Center" (ILC) We have grown to serve your travel needs in EVERY area of Travel. Now as "ILC Travel Outfitters" we have been providing the Utah and Western U.S.A. area with world class luggage for travelers, flight crews and total Missionary Outfitting & Essentials, travel accessories. Our Repair center stocks over 50,000 parts and our lead repair expert has 4 decades of experience repairing luggage, duffles, purses, backpacks, business cases, zippers and more. We also have key needs for 72 hour emergency essentials since 1982.
  2. Mark Pantelakis started the company with a mission to provide products and services that simplify and enhance any type of travel, whether it's car, motorcycle, motorhome, cruising on ships or your family boat, globe trotting, family getaways, missions, or a weekend sightseeing trip in the city. We have over 150 training videos & counting.
  3. With 4 decades of industry experience, as well as one of the world’s largest luggage showrooms (over 1000 suit cases on display), and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, you can be confident that we're providing you with the finest travel gear, clothing, and supplies necessary to ensure your safety and comfort wherever you may roam!

Why do I need ILC TravelOutfitters?
  1. Our specialty is teaching travel. Whether going extra lite (with only a "carry-on", can you believe 17 shirts on hangers!), staying healthy, avoid security snafus, electrical know how, water safety (especially with concerns with covid -19 and moving forward) bug protection worldwide, and guidance with clothing that is practical and convenient. Creating hassle-free, and unforgettable journeys. Watch Mark's 30 day's in a carry-on packing video. 
  2. Simplified water safety developed by NASA. All travel essentials needed for worldwide tested protection, safety and durability. All this with pricing that competes with ANY online source. 
  3. Bugs, anywhere in the world.  We teach clothing understand and treatment. Repellents that last up to 14 hours. Hand sanitization with bug protection.
  4. Missionaries we teach budgeting, using what you already have (and may not realize) added with a FREE full featured packing list for elders or sisters, 
  5. Proper preparation is the key so those "online" deals breakdown within days of what is a 18 month to 2 year travel adventure.
  6. Feet protection with custom molded insoles, speciality socks for wherever they go and proper shoe understanding and fit. 
  7. Handouts that cover Packing, travel needs, shoulder bag understanding, Water, Bugs, Treatment of cloths, 
  8. REPAIRS: The world we live in today refresh, renew, recycle. With 4 decades of experience in Luggage, Backpacks, Business case, Purse, Duffles and more...
What is a TravelOutfitter?
  1. Service is what you'll get from professionals that have decades of experience in worldwide travel knowledge. This service concept has been lost with online quick sales that promote "cheap" made products, and not real world tested products at a fantastic value. Whether your trained online or in store the videos are always free and 24/7 text messaging to the travel experts themselves.
  2. Our motto is: Proper Preparation prevents predictably poor performance. 
  3. Make every adventure the most successful by using ILC TravelOutfitters for training, questions, products and repairs.

Why shop ILC TravelOutfitters verses Amazon, Costco and so on?
  1. When the 2 buyers have combined 60 years experience in this exact industry the products are chosen for International and National Travel. No other company can give this to you anywhere in the world.
  2. We are the International Manufacture. This is direct from the creator, designer, manufacture right to you the end user.
  3. Products are tested and retested to last in every country around the world. Pay attention to those that travel that give you the reveiws.

Traveling to Africa for a Mission? Insights in safety and protocol:

     1. Great question about Malaria meds in Africa.  As you know, Malaria kills more people than Ebola or Covid, but it never makes the news. 
         Here is the sad truth about malaria meds.  The missions have stewardship to source the meds for their missions.  In an effort to save money, some buy generic meds that are purchased locally.  We have seen cases where meds have been bought for missions that are just plain garbage.  The native African mission presidents simply don't give meds the priority they should.  

     2. Here is another issue.  The native African missionaries really don't like taking the meds.  There is a tradition (false tradition) that malaria meds make men sterile.  The native's share this baseless info with their North American companions and talk them into not taking the meds.  Long story short, malaria rates come and go like the common cold.  It's just not the priority is should be.  
     3. A few months ago, I raised the question about why Church Headquarters isn't sourcing meds for ALL high-risk malaria countries and missions.  Basically, (since the Church isn't in the pharmacy distribution business) they want the meds controlled in the countries where they can be purchased locally.  Probably not the best idea, but that is how it currently works.  


Q:  How long does a typical repair take? We try and accommodate all types of traveler's needs and demands.  A minor repair may be done on the spot or within the week if you are leaving town quickly.  

Q:  What kind of repair work can we do? We pride ourselves in repairing all sorts of soft-sided items.  Don't hesitate to call or bring in that heirloom you thought could never be repaired.

Q:  How much does a repair cost? We'll review the repair while you wait and determine the price. Our rate is $75/hour plus parts, unless it's covered by a Briggs and Riley or International Luggage warranty.

Q:  What items do you repair? Luggage, Garment bags, Duffles, sports bags, musical instrument cases, purses, jackets, business cases, medical equipment bags, bike bags, motorcycle bags, and more...  This kind go tells you a lot of things we can do. Text us, call us, email us or come on in.
Q:  What are the costs of repairs? (here are some examples)
Luggage Repair Prices are approximate: 
Carry Handle or Side Handle Starting at $38.00
Luggage Cleaning Starting at $49.99 for carry-ons
Upright Pull Handle with bars Starting at $85.00
Wheel, 2 wheel Starts at $38.00/per wheel
Wheel, Spinner (4 Wheel bag) Starts at $45.00/per spinner wheel
Zipper Slider installed with zipper stops Starts at $38.00 per slider
Zipper Tab Starts at $6.00
Hourly fee, Zipper Restitch, custom sewing, etc... $75.00/hour

Q: What kind of warranty does ILC Travel Outfitters honor? We stock a variety of manufacturers including our own through International Luggage/Practical Concepts. Normal wear and tear, common carrier mishandling or abuse are not covered unless otherwise specified through the manufacturer. Should a problem arise from a defect in manufacturing, please use the following protocol for us to determine how it is to be handled through our vendors.
Send the following information via email to to set up a claim. (Product information: Item, Date of purchase, Amount, Describe issue. Customer Information: Name, phone number, email, physical address) Please upload pictures (front/back, interior tags, damaged area) of the item including other identifying features.
After you file a repair claim you will receive an email with instructions and a form to print out. A work order will be generated and will need to be included with the bag when you send it in for repairs.  The claimant is responsible for the shipping cost to our facility in NSL, UT.                   
Once your item arrives, our repair team will evaluate your claim within 7-10 business days and determine if the issues can be repaired and what is covered under the manufacturer warranty of that particular item. Please note that shipping from our facility will be the claimants responsibility.